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Elston High School Yearbook 1926         New Elston Senior High School 1926
Isaac C. Elston Senior High School, Michigan City, Indiana

These students had the honor of being the first Class to graduate from the new High School.

The photos of the graduating students were not placed in the yearbook in alphabetical order. There are 14 pages, with 8 pictures per page.
To present a good photo, each page is about 450KB.
You'll have to look for the name of the student, then click the link to the page with their photo. Spelling is from the book.
It lists the students school activities. Many pages have an autograph.
Images scanned from an original copy, which was my Mother's yearbook.

Lawrence Benson, Jane Karpen
Leonard Landwirth, Evalyn Moritz
Fred Flotow, Genevieve Kaczmarcyzk
James Gleason, Hazel Kraemer
Class of '26 Page 24

Dorothy A. Wear, John S. Anderson
Harriet Savage, John Crumpacker
Mabel Priest, Harold C. Johansen
Eva Zink, William F. Killingbeck
Class of '26 Page 25

Louis Mross, Margaret L. Haviland
Lawrence Ginther, Helen Bartholomew
Marshall Ginther, Frances Martin
Marvin Peterson, Hilda Wendt
Class of '26 Page 26

Laura Bloomquist, Henry Stelter
Corine E. Greenberg, Edward Hibbs
Melba Swanson, Ray Cochran
Ann Morris, Russell Schofield
Class of '26 Page 27

Elton Smith, Aura Kirk
Herman Hitz, Dorothy Sprencel
Lawrence Wineman, Karin Blom
Marvin Levenberg, Mary Louise Grieger
Class of '26 Page 28

Alice Kramer, Abe Slavin
Louise Vetterly, Edward Williams
Roberta Mack, Jack Harrison
Hazel Mell, Roger Ward
Class of '26 Page 29

Harry Rubin, Dorothy Misener
Irvin Shon, Mary Valetta Allbright
Louis Kalaamaris, Doris Karpen
Francis Legget, Ione Wilcox
Class of '26 Page 30

Eunice Hunziker, Paul Krueger
Myrtle Krueger, Norman Carlson
Lucille Tamlin, William Smith
Inez Nicholson, Arthur Stevens
Class of '26 Page 31

Richard Lewry, Dorothy Erickson
Jacob Katz, Luella Racine
Wilbur Klopsch Schroeder, Marjorie Donohue
John Keen, Irene Kramer
Class of '26 Page 32

Mary Louise Opperman, Frank H. Keppen
Margaret Barnes, Walter Leeds
Marguerite Koelln, Richard Sutton
Mildred Wolgast, Arthur Margraf
Class of '26 Page 33

William H. Wilke, Dorothy Finske
Selwyn Horan, Florence Stibbe
Samuel Haines, Helen Timm
Jacob Slavin, Eloise Poston
Class of '26 Page 34

Sarah Frances Orr, John K. Morris
Muriel Hillman, Fred Warner
Helen Schmock, Jow Wiener
Frances Wilhelm, Glen Sparrow
Class of '26 Page 35

Matthew Joseph Timm, Kathryn Robeson
Edward Heise, Pearl Irk
Wallace Wilson, Calista Lee
John Correll, Mildred Schram
Class of '26 Page 36

Lyle Seward, Blaine Richards
Stella Krueger, Edith Schwager
Ruth Stevens, Marshall Carpenter
John Cooney, Earl McAllister
Class of '26 Page 37

Future Elston Junior Class of 1927, names only, class picture. Class of 1927

Michigan City is in LaPorte County, Indiana, on the shores of Lake Michigan.
LaPorte (city), Indiana is home to the LaPorte County Courthouse for Genealogy records.
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