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30th Reunion Well Attended

Kathleen (Owens), Patty (Boaz) Tognetti, and Hope (Mothersell) DeLeon greeted everyone at the front door. Patty and Kathleen were instrumental in pulling the event together in less than 60 days.

All of the effort came together on Saturday night on the beach next to what we locals used to call "Wharf II" but now dubbed "Old Fisherman's Wharf." Patty (Boaz) Tognetti and Kathleen (Owens) did a superb job in pulling together a party on the beach and in what was the old Sea Scout building. Over 140 people attended, about 2/3 of them classmates. That came to about 1/5th of our graduating class. A huge success considering it was all done in less than two months.

The theme was Hawaiian Luau, and the spareribs, chicken, corn, rice, and Tri-Tip were perfect. Blazing bonfires on the beach kept people warm when the beautiful day finally set. Not a drizzle of Monterey's famous fog to be found! S'mores complete the meal, with your own skewers available for roasting your marshmallow to just the right consistency.

There was plenty of music, then and now, with a DJ keeping the music moving. An open bar and an open vending machine kept everyone in spirits -- or soda or juice -- as they preferred.

For a few photos of the evening, see the MHS Class of '73 Photo Album. (I missed a few names -- please feel free to edit the captions of any photo you find lacking info or in error.)

You can also visit the Class of '73 Yahoo group itself.

Class Pictures from El Susurro Available

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As graduates of the Monterey High School Class of 1973, we had the common experience of growing up in the in-between years—too young to get drafted and just old enough to find drugs and other tempting experiences readily available. We lost siblings and friends to the Vietnam War and the Drug War. We enjoyed a few fog-free days each year and our rivalry with Seaside High. Now we find ourselves in the middle-age of our Baby Boom years, parents or aunts and uncles of the Baby Boomlet. The class roster is here. Email Email us if you can't remember the password. Just think of something black that rolls on the ground...


Looking for the friend you used to hang out with on The Lawn? (Where are you, Doug Gill?) Wondering what happened to your favorite lunch-time friend? Want to say hello to everyone? Use the Monterey High Class of 73 Message Board to stay in touch.


Of a graduating class of 398, nearly half of our classmates are missing. We have a list of all graduating Monterey High School class of 73 members and we will soon indicate there the names of those we have lost contact with. 


The 30th Class Reunion was held on Saturday, August 23, 2003 adjacent to Wharf II at the old Sea Scout Base. About 140 classmates and many of their patient spouses turned out. Here's a short report. Event organizers vowed to start earlier to network and find many of our misplaces classmates.


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