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Gary Hadlock

GARY HADLOCK. Lorida, Florida. Since I can't be there and haven't been there except for one year, I will give you a brief (15-20 pages) run down of my life. I went to O.U. the first couple years after graduation then I was mobilized with the 45th Division and ended up in Japan for several years as occupation troops. After returning, I then attended Oklahoma A&M, which I liked much better, got a couple of degrees in aviation and then taught aviation power plants on the A&M campus for five years.

I then moved to St. Louis, MO to work for McDonald Aircraft on the Mercury capsule and the F4H aircraft, Then after some years on a cold and deep winter day in St. Louis, Pratt & Whitney from Florida came looking for people to come and work at their plant and I went. There I worked on the RL1O rocket engine as a test engineer before they went to Cape Canaveral.

After a number of years, I retired and moved to a R.V. and Mobile home park located 29 miles north of Lake Okeechobee. home of the big BASS, in a beautiful oak hammock on the banks of the Kissimmee River. Here I work harder than I did before I retired.

We started a volunteer fire department and have been taking all kinds of classes for two years including fire fighting, first aid, landing a chopper, 1st Responder, handling train accidents, hazardous materials and how to handle them, just to name a few. I'm a Captain, driver, engineer on the pump panel, and Safety Officer. How's that for a lot of different hats?

We also have a lot of fun with square and round dancing and camping in our 19' travel trailer. We plan to travel the Natchez Trace Parkway and into the North Carolina mountains for a month during the summer. Debbie and I dance as much as our bones will let us.

I have three boys. The oldest, Dean, 42, is a computer tech in California who just finished working a year on a movie, "Star Ship Troopers" which was up for an Oscar for special effects but Titanic sunk it. Tim, 38, got a Chemical Engineer's degree and then got a law degree. He is a Patent Engineer for Shell Oil Company. Mark, the youngest, is 35 and is an environmental engineer in Gainesville and has my only two grandchildren, a boy and a girl. This is my second marriage, the first lasting 27 years.

Debbie and I like to go on the river on our pontoon boat late at night and hunt frogs. We shine bright lights till you see them and then you pull the boat up to them, lay down on the deck and whack them with an army folding shovel. Have to watch for snakes and gators, they like frogs too.

We have a fish fry about once a month around here and everybody brings any fish they have catfish, bass, crappie, bluegill, turtle, gator tail, frog legs, and then a pot luck. Sure is easy to get fat.

If possible, and there are other histories from other class members, I would sure enjoy a copy of them. Wishing you all a great reunion and our thoughts will be with you all. If anyone has e-mail and would like to drop a line our e-mail address is

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