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Kent Clay Phipps

KENT PHIPPS, Tulsa. We now reside in Tulsa. I am a semi-retired attorney. My wife, Mona, is a semi-retired dietician. We have five children; Clay, in the export-import business; Clark, an attorney; Calvin, computer; Leah, a nurse; and Carter, computers. We are the proud grandparents of Taylor, age 9; Conner, 7; Will, 5; Calvin, 4; and Molly, 2. My hobbies are an ex-tennis player and a newly hooked golfer.

I worked for Humble Oil in Houston for several years, then opened a law practice in Ponca City, where l worked solo before going into a partnership and later again solo. Mona and I now live in Tulsa but I still have a practice in Ponca City, which I attend several days a week.

Two years ago, I had a palidatory (brain surgery) in California. It significantly improved my Parkinson problem. Our children are situated in California, Boston, Boulder, Colorado, Tulsa and Houston, so we have neat places to visit.

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