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Rita D. Goad Rinearson

RITA D. (GOAD) RINEARSON, Oklahoma City, OK. I have been a social worker for the State of Oklahoma Department of Human Services but am retired now. I am an election inspector and do secret shoppings at different retail businesses. Myh husband was G. Oakley Rinearson. We were married 27 plus years and he was a TG&Y store manager. We lived in Stillwater, Guymon, Watonga and Oklahoma City. I have lived in the same house since June 1968.

I have three children. All live in the Oklahoma City area. Linda Grennan and her family have been into computers for over 12 years. She helps locate addresses for friends and relatives. She helped locate one of our class mates. She works part time at the San Francisco Music Box store at Penn Square Mall. Her husband, Mark, is a computer specialist. Saundra Godwin is a job development specialist for Care Point. Her husband, Steve is a C.P.A. Keith is self employed and does digital photography and photo restoration as Photo Art in Oklahoma City.

I have two grandchildren, Nathan Grennan is a Junior at Putnam City High School. Traci Marie Grennan is 6 years old.

I keep busy doing my yard work and always have some crafts and sewing projects underway. I also do some painting, usually landscapes.

I helped start the Singles Development at Council Road Baptist Church.

I like to travel and so far it has only been in the U.S.A. I hope to go to Europe, Holy Land, and Egypt.

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