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LaQuita Willis Baker

LaQuita Willis was a member of "our class" from the 1st grade through the 6th grade. She moved to Tulsa with her family during 1942 after her brother, Bill Willis, graduated from Mangum High School.

I always remember LaQuita because she was born on June 20th, the same date as Gary Hadlock and Wilbanks Smith. One time, she had a birthday party for a number of her classmates including her birthdate partners. I wonder if they remember?

Here is an excerpt of an e-mail I received from LaQuita recently:

I graduated from Stillwater High School and married Kenneth Baker shortly afterwards. Kenneth continued with his education at OSU and I earned the old degree known as PHT (Putting Him Through).

The Korean War started, Ken got his Commission and was called into the Signal Corp as a 2nd. Lt.

We moved to New Jersey while he was stationed at Fort Monmouth. We lived there (about 8 blocks from the ocean) for about 6 months. Then he was sent to Fort Gordon, Georgia. He never had to go overseas. When his time was up, we went back to Stillwater and he changed his Major to Business Administration and graduated the next year. I worked for the City Engineer in Stillwater while he was in school. Later I worked for Conoco off and on. I preferred being a wife and mother.

Ken went with Conoco and we lived in Ponca City for more than 15 years. Then he was transferred to Houston in 1970 and made Manager of the Operations Division of the Computer Department. He kept that title till he took early retirement in 1985. We bought a Motorhome and traveled all over the country. Our longest trip was from Galveston to Ketchikan, Alaska. We really enjoyed the freedom of traveling. We spent most January's and February's in the Valley in Mission, Texas. We came through Alpine several times and liked it better every time we saw it so we bought a home here in 1989.

Our middle son, Bill, and his son, Jason moved here the next year. Bill is head of the Media Center at Sol Ross University here. There are only a little more than 2000 students here. We think it is a wonderful place to live.

Alpine is close to 5000 feet high so our weather is usually very pleasant. Most people don't know about these mountains in Texas. I think it is the best part of Texas. We are about 100 miles from the Mexican border, just north of Big Bend National Park. Alpine is becoming an "Artsy" town I think we have about 20 Galleries now.

Kenneth died in 1998. I have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

My e-mail address is

LaQuita Willis Baker

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