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Old School Photographs

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Casual Ms 1 Christmas eve 1978 1 Chuck's Chicks at Newhouse Clock Radio & Donna
Casual Ms 1.jpg
Christmas eve 1978 1.jpg
Chuck's Chicks at Newhouse.jpg
Clock Radio & Donna.jpg
Coke cans stacked Cosmos Crouse w Newhouse lights Dad & Kerri 2
Coke cans stacked.jpg
Crouse w Newhouse lights.jpg
Dad & Kerri 2.jpg
Dad and Kerri Dad closing window Dad eyes closed mod Dad with beard
Dad and Kerri.jpg
Dad closing window.jpg
Dad eyes closed mod.jpg
Dad with beard.jpg
Dallas, Dan Hill, Bob Danny & Coke 1 Danny at desk Day Hall radio tower
Dan Hill & othe rs.jpg
Danny & Coke 1.jpg
Danny at desk.jpg
Day Hall radio tower.jpg
Desktop pic 1 Donna & Kerri Donna & Kyleen Donna 2
Desktop pic 1.jpg
Donna & Kerri.jpg
Donna & Kyleen.jpg
Donna 2.jpg
Donna at Xmas Donna picture & phone Dorm hallway Dorm payphone
Donna at Xmas.jpg
Donna picture & phone .jpg
Dorm hallway.jpg
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