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I FINALLY got around to updating this site.  WHEW!  I thought that I might have forgotten how to do that.... I hadn't.  It's Winter so I have time to work on the site. 

MUCH thanks to both Janice Kline Kirchmeier who sent corrected and additional name for College Place Elementary.  Also to Fred Boutz for names and corrections to Baker Elementary.  Of course Susan is always looking for MORE stuff to add.

We are now listed in the alum section of the WaHi site.  YAYAYAYA!

Permission to use the line drawings have been graciously granted by Art Shinbo, Class of '43.


Susan Timmons-Queen went to a LOT of trouble to send me almost ALL of the information AND graphics that appear here.  It is because of her that this site became a reality. 

The Music Director of Wa-Hi provided me the Fight Song and Donna Price, webmaster of the Wa-Hi '61 site, sent me the alma mater midi sound file.  THANKS! 

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