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Are you ready to see 'those old photos'?
Congratulations to all the folks who provided photos for this section.  Gail Amery started the ball rolling with her photos from the Baker classes.  Others who contributed are noted under the listing for each school.  THANKS EVERYONE!  Special thanks to Susan who got them to me after getting everything photocopied and nagging everyone to name those pictured!
Many names on these pages have been added, but we always need MORE!
Check to see if you can help out.

Click HERE to see some old photos of these schools.

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  Baker Elementary     
  (Gail Anderson Amery, Fred Boutz)
  Berney Elementary
(Sharon Leeper Kespohl)
  College Place Elementary (now Davis)
  (Shary Jackson, Janice Kline Kirchmeier)
  Edison Elementary
(Susan, our tireless historian and
   new photo
from Ralph Ewer!)
  Green Park Elementary
  (Phil Stoller and Don Manson)
    Jefferson Elementary  
   (Don Cunnington)
    Paine Elementary
 (Louis Riley; building photo, Susan)
  Prospect Point
  New 1st and 2nd grade photos!
  (Jack Sheridan and Dollie Duff Ayers)
  Sharpstein Elementary
Gail, Patty Shinbo Kajita, and Susan)
  Washington Elementary
  (Sylvia Dull Wood)
  Pioneer Junior High School
(Susan.... again, as usual!)

     (Can you help us with other photos of schools or classes?  If so , please contact either myself or Susan.)