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Whitewater High School
Butler County

Whitewater, Kansas

The Graduating Class of 1906

Here is a picture of the graduating class of 1906. The original is a postcard, which was popular in that day to create from a picture.

The girls are: Emma Breising, Winifred Conner, Ethel Jones (front left),
Ida Roth, and Pearl Stone (back right).
If you have any information about these people, please contact me below.

Click here to check the "debate" on who's who in the photo.

And here is the front cover of the Graduation Program.

Click on the image to view the program up close.

The program contains an invitation to the event, a list of graduates, the evening's program, and a list of the faculty.
Click here for a photo of Whitewater School 7th & 8th grade, 1906

View Whitewater High School's 1906 diploma

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