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Class of Fifty-Six

Hey, Look at us! - Look where we've been,

Around the world and back again!

Some traveled near' while others went far;

But here or there we've followed our star.

We said goodbyes and went our way

On that, - our graduation day.

Then whether to job, or college, or war,

We found the niche we were destined for.

Some wandered a bit with uncertain ways;

Others ran to a goal and with it did stay.

But for fame or fortune or personal joy,

We did what we did ' each "girl" and "boy".

We were just kids, but look how we've grown!

We raised our families and built our homes.

We spent all we earned - or socked it away,

In anticipation of retirement day.

We gave of ourselves to whatever befell;

And ran with our hearts to dreams we dreamed well.

Look at us now, look how we've changed -

The hair we've lost - the weight we've gained.

The age spots, the wrinkles, all tell a tale'

The dreams that we had are beginning to pale.

The dreams that we had in 'fifty-six,

Are now but faint memories we cannot fix.

Look 'round the room - several are gone.

One day we'll follow' our time will come.

But we'll not go down - we're far from through yet.

There's plenty of life in this '56 set.

Look at us now you'll see we're still kids,

with dreams unfulfilled and plenty of fizz.

Run ahead of our children, ahead of their's too -

Show them our stuff and what we can do.

And we'll keep coming back tho' older we grow,

There's a special bond here that not all can know.

"hail, hail, the gang's all here, round thy colors old

we'll stick together for our dear green and gold"

- Lescott