Class of 1952

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Miss Michigan

Howell's own Margaret Devereaux

Juniors in 1951

The names are from the 1951 yearbook.
If you see a name that is wrong or do not see a name
that should be in this class... please email me.

Margaret Devereaux
Norman Jamieson
Vice President
Marcia Hagni
Tom Celestin
Duane Allbright Ida Mae Austin
Sharon Bergin Janice Bippley James Boutell
Ruth Brandt Marilyn Briggs Fred Browning
Marilyn Callaghan Jerry Carpenter Richard St. Onge
Barbara Clements Lyle Cole Robert Cox
Barbara Dankers Anne Delaney George Dunn
Carol Deutsch Lucille Doherr Virginia Duncan
Betty Fellows Patsy Fowler Joyce Franklin
Joseph Franks Charles Garlock Maureen Gerkin
Wilma Goucher Marie Hagni Patty Harter
Ingrid Hasenbusch Malcolm Hearl William Hilton
Lowell Hornung Duane Howell Katherine Howle
John Hubbel Frederick Jones Betty Kennedy
Florence Kierczynski Donna Kimberly Edna Kirby
Judy Knight Carmen Kypke Richard Lawson
Charles Leverett James lobdell Merl Lybrink
Dolores Maycock Charles Misslitz Carol Montgomery
Jane Nash James Needham Barbara Phillips
Sherry Poole Gus Rissman Dorothy Sanders
Shirley Sawyer Marian Adams Shirley Skow
Mary Lou Slayton Patricia Sober Sally Squire
Patricia Starkey Elizabeth Thomas Coreta Thyne
Patrick Toomey Bertha Urbon Carol Waller
Jerry Reed Barbara Warren Bruce Warren
Harvey Westerby Dorothy Wiles Ida Mae Williams
Jack Wylie William Chaplin

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