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The Reunion

I entered the room,
looking for friends.
Not knowing who I might see.

I entered the room
to see only strangers
- they looking strangely at me.

I was offered a hand,
a smile, and a greeting
Somebody asked me my name
I mumbled it low
as I peered at them cautiously
To find they were doing the same.

Then slowly emerged
the hint of a face,
Which resembled a friend
I once knew.
I could tell by the smile
that started to break
That I had been recognized too!

I moved round the room
repeating the scene
Over and over again.

This sea of strange faces
was no longer strange
'twas a room full of long-lost friends!

There were hugs and embraces,
the room was aglow
with chatter and squeals of delight
as laughter resounded ,
acquaintance renewed
we talked our way into the night.

Some settled here,
and others there
Regaling the tales of the past

Remembering, sharing,
questioning, baring
- Old friends together at last.

- Lescott -