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Omak High School
Omak, Washington

"The Omache"
1926 Yearbook Photos

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Page 1: Sarah Link, Raymond Wyatt, Mae Hubbert, Nettie Schindler, Harold Copple, Frances Kermel
Page 2: Isabel Evans, Bessie Blott, Lynn Rodolph, Frances Headlee, Iola O'Bryant, Chauncey Ames
Page 3: Mabel Thayer, Catherine Pritchard, Denton Copple, Elizabeth Ellingsworth, Ellamarie Stapleton,
Carl Hopfer
Page 4: Lois Duncan, Lester Nelson, Gladys Casteel, Ralph Wagner, Helen Laizure, Merle Eastwood
Page 5: Katharine Watkins, Clyde Tuttle, Leona Morse, Helem Hammack, Eva Middleton

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