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Walter Johnson High School, Class of 1960

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Steve G. & wife, Dave B.
Steve G. and his wife have a cocktail while Dave B. wonders (not worries) about Life after 58.
Jake C. and Jill Y.
Jake C, former class president, and wife, Jill Y, talk about the other president- of the US that is- whoever he will be. Update: Well, we all know who prevailed. So, are you going to ask that you next grandchild be named "Chad"?.
Ellen F., Dave B., Lynn Y.
Ellen F. seeks autographs for her Memory book from Dave B. and Lynn Y. 
Jill Y, Gail P, Mitch M, and Jake C.
Jill makes a point with other class members.
Nancy S and Linda Y and their husbands
Having fun yet?
Bob K. and Nancy S.
Bob cuts in on a dance
Beth M, Bob K, and Joan G.
Bob STILL looks for a dance partner
Teddy K and Mickie C.
A couple of nice lookers, and at right, Tom B. looks on.
Gail and balloons
Gail P. rides with the balloons- Yea green and white
Gail Y and Miles A.
No, Miles, you can't take her home, she's already taken.
Dave B and Stever G.
Steve G. finally returns a borrowed golf club to his hero and mentor, Dave B.
Class of '60 goes back to tour old haunts
Standing, L>R: Millard W. (Carol B's sp.), Jill Y, Steve G, Gayle P, Andrea N, Bob B, Calvin T, Wynne (Dick B's wife), Kay S, Dick B (in cap), Kay S's husband, Dave B, Linda M, Gaye R, Bill H's wife, Joan S, and Jake C. Kneeling: Carol B, and Bill H.
WJ, class of 1960
Same as Previous image except that Bob K is trying to kneel down between Carol B. and Bill H. Hey, I'm not as limber as I used to be.
Jill Y, Gail P, Beth M, in bkg: Renny, Calvin, Kathy
Fellow classmates listen to the comments of our tour guide, Vice Principal ___.
Dave B. and Steve G. in hallway
Dave B. and Steve G. tell a tall tale about the good ol' school days to Kathy W, Nancy S. and Carole B.
Bob B, Calvin T, Jake and Jill, Gail P, Joan S
Bob B, Calvin T, Jake C and Jill Y, Gail P and Joan S. talk to the back of Renny T's head. 
Dick B and wife, and Lorene H.
Watch your calories Dick. Nevermind, someday you WILL age.
Augusta K and Betsy A
Ahhh, just like cafeteria food at WJ. Not!
Gail Y, the artist
You did these all by yourself?
Lynn Y, Augusta K and Betsy A.
See you again at the 45th!
Jim B., John F., Gail Y.
Switch gears. This is the 35th reunion in 1995 held at Holiday Inn, Rockville, MD.
Linda S, Mickie C., Ellen F. Marilyn K.
At 35th reunion in 1995. Looking 5 years younger than at the 40th.
Bob K, Sue W., Dick B, Bertha D.
At 35th reunion in 1995. Remembering how to do the Stroll.
Bob K and Bob W.
Gathering for the 1995 Reunion. Bob and Bob: WJ Classmates and Roomies at U of MD. How to finally end a chess match.
Renny T's Family, 1999
Renny T. and Caren surrounded by their children, Jessica and Will.
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