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13 Feb 2008: Yahoo closed access to their free Photo album feature. So, I had to look for another site that offerred a Photo album which would be available for public viewing. Let's try uploading my WJ Reunion pictures to Picassa. Be aware of the ephemeral nature of the Internet. Here today, gone tomorrow. They also call it migration. Hope this site will last for awhile. I also added photos from previous reunions and photos which were contributed by other classmates.

Nov 2006:  It took me awhile, but I just uploaded a link from this website to another photo album I set up at my Yahoo account. It depicts events at our 45 WJ Reunion which was held Nov 2005 at Pooks Hill Marriott. Atendance was down, but I still enjoyed the gathering of old classmates.

Feb 2004:  I moved from Floyd, VA, to Monroe, NC, in the summer of 2003. I hate to say I moved here to be closer to my grandchildren, because that would be risky in these modern, mobil times, but at least for now, I am only a 45 minute-drive from my loved ones. My other daughter still lives in Maryland, but I wish she lived closer. I took an "e-saver" flight" up to Maryland last week to visit her and her family- and my mother who is in her eighties. My new address and email are on the bottom of title page. I also had to move my personal web pages to a new server- and the name of my new web site: "THE NEXT CHAPTER",  of course.

Aren't we due for another Reunion soon? In 2005!

26 Feb 2001:  Today, I start a 6 week job in Berwick, PA. So, I will probably put this Web site on a back burner for a couple of months. I will have my email and snail mail forwarded. I'd love to hear from you. See you in April. Bye, Bob

15 Feb 2000.  Happy Day after Valentine's. I hope yours was full of love and chocolate.  I revised the Title Page of the web site and added, "Bob Looks Back on His 40th Reunion".  I included a page with the words to Renny Temple's Song that he sang at the Reunion- much thanks to Renny for the contribution.  By the way, I don't believe Renny has a Title for the WJ Reunion Song. So, if you would like to try your hand at it, I'll pass on your suggestons.

15 Feb 2000. Since I only showed the back of Renny Temple's head (look at all that hair!) in one of the photos, I asked and received a photo of Renny and his family and posted it in the album.

13 Dec 2000. The Beginning.  I uploaded the first pages of a Gallery and Index of images, and a page of remote Links to this website. And then, I enjoyed Christmas in Maryland.