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Enterprise School Wichita, Kansas

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On this page you will find a few students from Enterprise School in Wichita, Sedgewick Co., Kansas also what I remember about a few. If you have any information (pictures, roster, stories, etc.) on the classmates in the years 1956 and 1957 I sure would like to have it.

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7th grade trip to the Wichita Zoo 1956.

Most of the pictures on that roll of film were of the animals or double exposed. I am using what was usable.

Besides myself I only know one of the names in the picture.

These pictures were taken in 1956

Joyce Brown

7th grade class. this picture was double exposed and I cleaned it up.

Below you will see  my 8th grade GRADUATION from Enterprise School.

I am in second row 1st on the right. The girl next to me is Donna Casey. Behind me  I think is Pamela Blake.

The last girl in the front row looking to the stage I think is Dianne Brown. If i am wrong please email me.

Friends I remember at ENTERPRISES School

Classmate: Linda Burris

Linda was a little tom boyish and good at sports. She played a good Elvis Presley even had her hair cut like his and played a guitar.

Classmate: Donna Casey

Donna was a cheer leader also good at sports and very popular at Enterprise.

Classmate: Karen Potter

Karen was a cheer leader also good at sports and very popular at Enterprise.

Classmate: Dianne Brown

Dianne' married name Dianne Brown Kent from Bothell, Washington graduated from South. Dianne was a cheer leader and very popular at Enterprise. I found Dianne on the Internet on in 2000. I don't hear from her but wish she could help me get the roster of Enterprise and Truesdell schools and maybe some classmate's pictures too.

Classmate: Judy Spurlock

Judy was my next door neighborhood friend at Enterprise. Judy Spurlock lived right next door to my house. Her family was originally from Arkansas and her father worked at Boing Aircraft plant. We were good friends until I started high school. If one had something the other needed we shared, even homework. I remember getting reports from the encyclopedia books that jimmy Herriman had and sharing them back and forth with Judy. All I really did was copy certain paragraphs right from the encyclopedia book. I still made C's on the papers. We hung around everyday and even smoked cigarettes together when we could get them. The last time I saw Judy was in1977. She had bought the house across the street from her folks home and was married, divorced and had children. I was hoping to keep in touch with her but it was not to be.

Classmate: Joyce Brown

Joyce was my very best friend. I went to church with Joyce Brown a lot in the seventh grade. While there the church was sending the teens to a church camp. I didn't have the money to go so some member donated the money and I went to Arkansas City Kansas to the camp with Joyce. I really liked it except I was afraid of the snakes and scorpions and centipedes they told us to watch out for. We slept in wood camp buildings and had a ton of fun. A new class member came and Joyce wanted to be friends with her. I was jealous and told Joyce if she was going to be friends with her she didn't need to come next Sunday to get me for church. Joyce said ok and that was it. She stopped coming to pick me up for church. What a young fool I was. Joyce had room in her life for both of us and I was too filled with jealousy to see that.

Classmate: Jimmy Herriman

Jimmy was a neighborhood and schoolmate boy that came to the end of Sunrise Drive  where I lived to play with the Spurlock boys .He liked me for a while as a girl friend and then he would like Judy Spurlock then someone else. Jimmy Herriman seemed to ask me to dance at the sock hops a lot for awhile and again he asks Judy Spurlock too. I guess he felt safe with us since he lived on our street and we were all friends. I thought he was nice and just a friend. Although we were friends and classmates one time he had a whole fresh quart of ice cream and ate it right in front of Judy and me even though we begged him for a bite of it. I thought he sure is selfish but hey a quart wouldn't have gone far between us. He got me the job at the farm south of Sunrise Drive near the Sandy Beach swimming hole. He even taught me how to drive a stick shift truck. I remember him getting into real bad trouble for shooting the red bulbs on telephone poles out. He had his share of hard punishment for the tricks he played on others. His dad was a strict father and us kids knew it.

At a farm job we had, we worked together picking cantaloupe. We had to get up real early in the morning and one of our parents took us to the farm. We worked until 10:00 a.m. or longer if we were going to mind the vegetable stand. The wife of the farmer made a pie one-day and offered the whole pie to Jimmy and I. Jimmy went to the house to get it and brought it back. I thought for sure that Jimmy would want the whole pie for himself just like he did with the ice cream. By the time he got back to the vegetable stand a slice of the pie was gone from the pie tin. And Jimmy gave the rest of the pie to me. Wow! I had a lot of pie for myself now. I took one bite out of a slice and almost gagged. I spit that out real fast. That was the worst tasting pie I have ever tasted in all my life. No wonder Jimmy gave it to.

I met Winston Rowan, my husbands through Jimmy Herriman his Navy buddy. Jimmy brought several of his Navy friends to my mom's house. She felt it better they hang out there instead of bars. That way they wouldn't get into much trouble. Winston Rowan and I married in 1962. Jimmy stayed friends with Winston and I, in fact we went with him and Carol to get married. They eloped. We drove all over Los Angels County to find a Justice of Peace that would marry them on short notice. We finally found one that would. Jimmy gave Winston some money to pay the minister after he finished and Winston kept it. I was in my late pregnancy with my first child Wayne and my back hurt real badly the whole evening.

Sad but true Jimmy and Carol did not stay married. It was long after the wedding that he started to abuse Carol. It was hidden for several years until one day Jimmy and Carol came to our apartment to visit. We managed the apartments so we rented one to Jimmy. He was there three days and told Carol he was going to the store after some bread. He never came back. We helped Carol get some help and have been friends for life. Jimmy was never heard of except a couple of times when Carol had already moved to Oklahoma with my folks. He made his children promises to come see them but he never did. In 1998 his son Dean searched the Internet for information on his father. He found out that his second wife also named Carol murdered his father. This Carol has her murder case on appeal as of the year 2000 based on the batter wife syndrome. I always liked Jimmy and knew he had an abusive father. If he did something his father felt was wrong he would get a beating for it. I never saw it happen but I knew it was happening. I was saddened to know his life ended so badly. He will never to get to see his grandchildren. Donna Jimmy's daughter has a little girl named Rachael and she looks to Winston as her Paw just like Winston' own grand children.

Enterprise school bus:

The school bus that took the neighborhood children to Enterprise school stopped right in front of our house. The boys on the corner, the Spurlock three children the small girl across the street and two at my house loaded onto the bus with excitement and vigor. The ride home was loud and full of play. Seems we had a lot of penned up energy to let lose of at the end of a hard school day. I don't think I missed many days riding that old school bus.

This is me Janet Silks

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