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Westlock High School - Class of '65

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Welcome Fellow Classmates!

This site is dedicated to the students and teachers of the 1965 graduating class of Westlock (R.F. Staples) High School.  We hope you will enjoy the trip back in time and will continue to visit this site and will contribute memories of the past, and stories of the present.  

Who can forget the simplicity of a time when the Beatles, the Searchers, Dave Clark Five and Chad & Jeremy ruled.  Long hair & bell bottoms were new and radical concepts in fashion that had not yet arrived.  Though we were cool, we would now be described as "nerds" by our kids.  

Noon hour "Sock Hops" at the gym were a form of social exchange we all enjoyed.  Physical contact, such as dancing close, was controlled under the watchful eyes of teacher chaperones.  Vern Rogers was way ahead of his time as the official DJ for these occasions.  Only Vern was entrusted with the mighty key to the cabinet that housed the turntable and PA system.

On Friday nights, before the era of disco, we danced to live bands such as the "South Bound Freeway", "49th  Parallel (a.k.a Shades of Blond)", "Wes Dakus with Barry Allen and the Rebels" and our own local bands such as "Jay and the Wildcats".  At school dances, Shirley Staples would operate the concession booth that kept us going with hot dogs and pop.

A date could also include a visit to the Roxy Theatre (run by Joe Wojcicki) or the "ultimate passion pit", theAlberta Cafe 2002 Westlock Drive-In.  Sadly, video movies and satellite TV have been the demise of both landmarks.  No one seemed to care what was playing or even if the film broke.  Lingering over a Coke or milkshake at the Alberta Cafe (run by Mr. Nang) was another great opportunity to hang out with friends.  It was just like "Happy Days".

With great fondness, we remember those teachers who helped to shape our lives and values.  People like Mrs. Woodman who, though a dainty and tiny lady, could control the largest hooligan acting up in her class with just a furtive look of disappointment.   (Other teachers were more physical).  Sam Wishloff loved to expound on the "Wishloffvian theory of physics" that involved his famous "jumping cat" theory.  Mr. Skrownski dragged many of us through Math 31 with his persistence and faith in our ability to learn.  Mr. Clapperton, always controlled, exhibited a gray eminence and wisdom that helped guide many of us to choose our careers.

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Don Larsen

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