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McGuffey High School Class of 1965

McGuffey Class of 1965
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Front row left to right:  Cheryl Mounts Anderson, Cindy Knox Munnell, Sherry Rogers Caldwell,
Sue Knapp Donaldson, Marcy Brownlee Munnell, Linda Hancher Secrist, Sharon King Palfreyman.
Back row :  Ron Stollar, Fred Grose, Fred Clark, Shirley Cowell Kemp, Bob Stewart, Fred Wilkinson,
Dave Underwood, Vicki Sprowls Clark, Elaine Hersey Calvert.

Several members of the class of  1965 got together for a mini-reunion last August.  A group went golfing in the morning .  Fred Wilkinson organized that part of the day.  Meanwhile the rest of us met at Vicki Sprowls Clark's home for a  fun time of eating and talking over the good old school days. The men who golfed came with their tails behind them as they let a WOMAN beat them! (Sharon King Palfreyman)  Way to go Sharon!!
Everyone had such a good time that we are planning to do it again next year!  Hopefully more of the class can come next year.  Stay posted to this site and we will keep everyone up to date.

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