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Maryvale Panthers, Phoenix Arizona


"How many a year has passed and gone,
And many a gamble has been lost and won,
And many a road taken by many a friend,
And each one I've never seen again."
Bob Dylan's Dream, 1963

Photo By Michael Williams "72"

Any additions or corrections to this list please contact Melody Baker
We do our best to verify all information submitted!
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Staff & Faculty

If You are aware of any MHS attendees &/or graduates that have passed away, please contact  Melody Baker with:
Information Request Form in PDF format for printing and snail mail

Their names (maiden & married),

The class year they graduated,

The date of their death,

800 characters counting punctuation and spaces makes it 12-14 lines of information that you may be willing to share,

Up to 7-8 photos/graphics.

If you would like more I recommend setting up a personal memoriam site** for you loved one.

It has also been requested that we include faculty/teachers in a separate recognition/memorial effort. The same questions above would be pertinent, as well as the years & subject area that they taught at the school.
I appreciate all helpful efforts towards this endeavor, so that we may properly acknowledge, honor, & respect our friends & their families.
Please help use get rid of all the "
" markers!
We are adding photos to each name if you can send a photo for a name please do send it to Melody Baker or me Guy Fitzpatrick.

    How you can help with the memorial pages we need pages scanned in from the year books. At present I have senior pages from 70 and 71 year books.
    I can use any format but the ideal format is "jpg 300dpi no compression". The best scans are at 300dpi grayscale but use color if they are in color. When you save them DO NOT use compression it keeps the picture clearer. If you need to make it the file size smaller first change is resize it to1800 x XXXX keeping aspect ratio. If it is about 2-3meg or less it will be fine.
I have a fast connection so download speed is not an issue Guy Fitzpatrick.

    File name format like "71-page-001.jpg"
    If you use PaperPort software just send the scanned .MAX file it's self.   ;-)
    This will give you an idea of the type of page layout with photos and names for that page.

Sample page.... 71-page-001.jpg

**Note: Personal Memorial web pages can be hyperlinked from this site, directly to your individual Memorial webpage. If you have a memorial website for a MHS alumni loved one, that has passed, link it to their name on this page, just send me the URL for the website.
If you want to make a personal memorial webpage for a MHS alumni loved one, that has passed; I recommend you visit one of the hosting sites like: , and . All of these have free hosting and HTML editors you can edit your site online or off line with Dreamweaver or FrontPage some have free software you can download to create your site. They also have tech support to answer any questions and help you create your site.

If you want to search the Obituaries though the here is a link you can look up a name there. Note: there listing is only for the last 30days

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