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Colbert County High School, Class of 1964, Leighton Alabama

Feeder Schools:
Brick Elementary School - River Road - Colbert County Alabama

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1964 -
Individual Pictures of Colbert Co. Hi School Seniors

1964 -
Original Group picture of Colbert Co. Hi School Seniors
1964 - Senior Trip Class Members - Picture in Washington DC.

- 10th Reunion of Colbert Co. Hi School Seniors

1985 - 20th Reunion of Colbert Co. Hi School Seniors

1989 - 25th Reunion of Colbert Co. Hi School Seniors

1994 -
30th Reunion  of Colbert Co Hi School Seniors

2003 -
40th Reunion of Colbert Co. Hi School Seniors

2014 -
50th Reunion of Colbert Co. Hi School Seniors

1989 -
25th Reunion Alumni status reporting, 29 Dec 1989
1994 -
30th Reunion - Alumni status reporting, 6 Aug 1994

Where the 1964 CCHS deceased Members & Teachers rest from their labors.

This school is located in Leighton in the fertile farming area of eastern Colbert County Alabama. The area had a rich tradition of farming families (though dwindling) when our class was in its prime. Many of the parents of the above students were farmers in some form or another, but few if any of the class members would spend their lives in pursuit of farming as an avocation. Maybe Jerry Don Underwood was the only farmer and I am sure he was engaged in a very different kind of farming than the small fry of the old days. We became in no particular order Teachers, Accountants, Business Owners, Managers & Administrators, Computer Technologist, Plant Workers with various assignments, Housewives, TVA Engineers & other successful people. We were a part of and at the headwaters of the "Baby Boomers " in today's diversified economy contributing greatly to the wealth of America. So far there has been no Politicians (except Jimmy Slay), Doctors or Lawyers, though maybe William Goebel with a PHD in Political Science had the qualifications to be a serious politician. We had at least two or more that taught on the College level for at least a time and some that made teaching a lifetime career.
In our class the old guard which we studied under differentiated between those who had farm family traditions and did not especially encourage them to go to college. Today they encourage those wanting to pursue farming as a career to especially gain college training. The rest of us either eventually went to work for industry or went on to College for various degrees or became homemakers. 

A Place In Time
by Leroy Hill written for the 1986 Sylvan Heights School Reunion in Maury County Tn.

If we could recall a place in time, the childhood days of yesterday would surely be mine, when the soil was turned by the strength of mules and the sweat of men. 

The skies were blue, for miles around, and come Saturday, all the family went to town. Sundays were spent at church and Grandma's house, kinfolk came from all around….children played and grownups laughed long after the sun had gone down. 

June bugs and stick horses were the toys of the day, playing in the creek and catching lightning bugs when the evening came. Honeysuckle blooming when spring showers fell, yielded sweet aroma from God in the wind's gentle breeze, while stumping our toes and skinning our knees. 

Television had not come to the rural countryside so, night time hours were spent sitting outside. Windows and doors left open at night never a criminal, would come near the sight. Rain falling softly on a roof made of tin, give me back yesterday and my childhood again. 

Church doors were left open and inside burned a light, no locks for those who visited God's house late at night. It was a time when the doctor would come to your home, and work like the angel of mercy until he was gone. Usually there was little money for the service he would render , but a dozen big eggs was legal tender. 

Homecoming is a time to think and recall the memories of yesteryear, the effect on us all. For Fathertime has surely taken his toll, in heaven our loved ones have answered the roll. Somewhere it is written for all things there's a time, if returning to my childhood could only be mine. if I could play in the fields till evening grows cold and my mother and father would never grow old. 

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