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"When Time, who steals our years away
shall steal our pleasures too,
The Memory of the past will stay
And half our joys renew."
(a quote from the 1949 Wildcat Annual, Salina, OK)
Classmates who attended the 2001 class reunion:

Salina High School in Oklahoma

Class of 1956 
Jon Adams
Bill Barrett
Margaret (Barrett) Busby
Jim Dennis
Marjorie (Dodson) Almy
Dale Duncan
Charley Elmore
Pat (Elmore) Christensen
Gerald Gilliland
Ruby (Goodsell) Jones
Betty (Harmon) Sitsler
Zonna (Hayes) Dedmon
Pat (Hester) Gifford
Dixie (Hobbs) Wilson
Betty (Huffman) Parker
Cullus Jones
Loualine (Kingfisher) Lewis
Bonnie (Melton) Chancellor
Velma (Montgomery) Hite
Lucretia (Moore) Curtsinger
Mozelle (Owens) O'Banion
Janice (Packard) Hatfield
Niva (Pritchett)  Elam
Janie (Rogers) Fleming
Charles "Spike" Ross
DeWayne Shafer
Louie Shrum
Lewie Sitsler
Gladys (Spohn) Pollard
Ray Stewart
Robert Stipes
Viola (Stokes) Broner
Martha Lou (Stroud) Wynne
Sally (Thompson) Sawney
Jaunema (Tramel) Benham
Jerry Dale Troglin
Maxine (Wafford) Gaddis
Dean (Weaver) Diacon
Mary Sue Williams Robbins
Jewelene (Woods) Pierson

Reunion Pictures




     The class that began school together in the Fall of 1944, and graduated in the Spring of 1956,
had their class reunion in 2001. 
    They invited every one who ever attended the Salina Schools with this class at any time,
to attend the reunion.  

     The 2001 class reunion was held on June 16, 2001, at the VFW.  
The reunion began at 10:00 a.m. and ended at 4:00 p.m. 

        Pictures  available from the old annuals.  
You should be able to print these pictures on your printer, if you wish!

Of our deceased classmates:
Donald Ball
 Pauline Duck 
Shirley Gammel
Jimmy Gann
David Hilliard
Ivadell Moore
Charles Morgan
Paul Quinn
Joy Lou Rogers
Lucille Ross
Donna Stafford
Oma White
David Garrison
Charley E. Elmore on July 4th, 2003
Charles "Spike" Ross on August 4, 2005
Lewie Leon Sitsler on September 21, 2005
Gerald L. Gilliland on August 15, 2008
Robert Dale Scott on December 15, 2008
Rosa Lee Scott Miller on February 28, 2012
Dee Arthurs on October 4, 2015