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Pyle School, about 1930/31

This school is near Haviland, Kiowa County, Kansas. See below for a list of student names.

Pyle School
Pyle School.
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Pyle School detail

Pyle School About 1930 or 1931
(left to right) Jack Corbet, Elton Amerine, Eldean Hally, Geneva Schloetzer, Virgina Amerine, Leona Goodnight, Norma Amerine, Linda Goodnight, Imogene Schloetzer, Francis Schloetzer, Dean Amerine, Wesley Amerine, Charles Schloetzer.

My relations:
Geneva Mae Scholetzer
, my mother, born April 30, 1923.
Imogene Mabel Scholetzer, my aunt, born February 13, 1926.
(Albert) Francis Schloetzer, my uncle, born October 13, 1918.
Charles Schloetzer, my uncle, born April 18, 1921.

Here is another picture.

I think it's from about the same time, and may have many of the same kids.

My mother is on the front row, second from the left (not counting the kid behind the pump).

schloetzer_geneva_school01.jpg (79663 bytes)

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