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1927 Norwood High School Yearbook - Norwood, Ohio

The entire book has been indexed and scanned.
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Don ?023 
Eddie ?024 
Rog ?057 
Jim ?057 
Jump ?080see also 078
Ben ?081see also 078
Whitey ?086see also 084
Bill ?086see also 084
Whitey ?089see also 084
Mac ?098see also 096
Sy ?134 
Byron ?134 
Dick ?134 
Fred ?135 
Charlie ?135 
Wes ?135 
Dick ?135 
Marion ?135 
Don ?135 
Beth ?135 
Mary Louise ?ute009 
Margaret Adamson130 
Florence Marie Albers051 
Elizabeth Albers130 
C. McClellan Allen008 
Mr. Allen137 
Adolph Almgren119see also 118
Dolores Anderson010 
Dolores Anderson011 
Dolores Anderson029 
Dolores Anderson052 
Dolores Anderson059 
Walter Appler130 
Shirley Mae Arens130 
Harold Arens130 
Arts and Crafts Engraving Company011 
Joseph Aston130 
Joseph Aston130 
Ethel Atkins130 
Norman Auburn130 
Janet Backus098see also 096
Frank Backus130 
Robert Badgley130 
Loraine Bagnoli109see also 108
Elvera Bagnoli117see also 116
Elvira Bagnoli129 
Winifred Bailey130 
June Bancroft130 
Gertrude Banta029 
Gertrude 'Shorty' Banta052 
Gertrude Banta059 
Ed Barnes014 
Edwin Barnes015 
Edwin 'Eddie Barnes020 
Edwin Barnes022 
? Barnes023 
Edwin Barnes105see also 104
Dorothy Barnett113see also 112
Austin Barrows130 
Robert Barrows130 
? Bartholomew088 
Vannorah Bateman030 
Vannorah 'Van' Bateman052 
Vannorah Bateman059 
Stella Bateman117see also 116
Laura Baumbach015 
Laura 'Lollie' Baumbach020 
Laura Baumbach022 
Laura Baumbach023 
Richard Baumbach029 
Richard 'Dick' Baumbach052 
Richard Baumbach058 
? Baxby022 
Maxine Baxter011 
Maxine Baxter030 
Maxine 'Max' Baxter052 
Maxine Baxter059 
Maxine Baxter096 
Maxine Baxter097see also 096
Maxine Baxter098see also 096
Maxine Baxter103see also 102
Maxine Baxter128 
Maxine Baxter128 
maxine Baxter129 
Maxine Baxter133see also 132
Maxine Baxter161see also 136
? Bayes086 
? Bayes089 
Caroline Beavers009 
Robert Becker103see also 102
Robert Becker128 
William Beckett029 
William Beckett052 
Bill Beckett059 
William Beckett119see also 118
Wm. Beckett125see also 124
Ruth Bedor010 
Ruth Bedor011 
Ruth Bedor031 
Ruth 'Mickey' Bedor052 
Ruth Bedor059 
Ruth Bedor129 
Ruth Bedor133see also 132
Ruth Bedor161see also 136
Marjorie Behrman031 
Marjorie 'Marj' Behrman052 
Marjorie Behrman059 
Marjorie Behrman119see also 118
Marjorie Behrman129 
Marjorie Behrman161see also 136
Margaret H. Benedict009 
Barbara Benham130 
Cliff Benjamin014 
Clifford Benjamin015 
Clifford 'Benny' Benjamin020 
Clifford Benjamin022 
Cliff Benjamin024 
? Benjamin082see also 078
Stan Benjamin090see also 084
? Benjamin095see also 094
Clifford Benjamin128 
? Bennett088 
Elizabeth Berger117see also 116
Florence Bettinger130 
Walter Bettinger130 
Vera Bevington130 
? Blanton085 
Walter Blasing130 
? Bloemer082see also 078
Emma Boger130 
Elma Boggett130 
Edmond Bohsdorf075 
Edmond Bohsdorf121see also 120
Raymond Bohsdorf130 
Jean Bolsinger032 
Jean 'Dutch' Bolsinger052 
Jean Bolsinger057 
Albert Bolsinger130 
Norma Bolsinger130 
Jean Bolsinger161see also 136
Selma Boothby130 
Ralph L. Boss130 
Howard Bosse030 
Howard 'Fitz' Bosse052 
Howard Bosse057 
John Kingery Boutet130 
John B. Boutet130 
Marjorie Bowen098see also 096
Marjorie Bowen105see also 104
Marjorie Bowen119see also 118
Marjorie Bowen128 
? Braddy088 
Harriet Brannen015 
Harriet 'Beep' Brannen020 
Harriet Brannen022 
Harriet Brannen024 
Tom Brannen079see also 078
? Brannen080see also 078
Tom Brannen081see also 078
? Brannen083see also 084
? Brannen085see also 084
? Brannen087see also 084
? Brannen089see also 084
Tommy Brannen090see also 084
? Brannen091see also 084
? Brannen095see also 094
Tommy Brannen128 
Annette Bratsch130 
Virginia Breese130 
Lillian Brendamour032 
Lillian Brendamour052 
Lillian Brendamour057 
J. Ole Bridgman130 
? Brink087 
Marie Brinkman033 
Marie 'Cleo' Brinkman052 
Marie Brinkman060 
? Brown086 
? Brown089 
Lenore Brown103see also 102
Byron Brown107see also 106
Lenore Brown128 
Byron Brown129 
Virginia Brown129 
Hilda Bruckner033 
Hilda Bruckner052 
Hilda Bruckner056 
Jane Bryce074 
Jane Bryce098see also 096
Jane Bryce103 
Jane Bryce111see also 110
Jane Bryce119see also 118
Jane Bryce128 
Alvin Buck130 
? Budde088 
Lyman Burgoyne130 
Calvin Burkes030 
Calvin Burks010 
Calvin Burks052 
Calvin Burks056 
Calvin Burks103see also 102
Calvin Burks128 
Calvin Burks133see also 132
Frank Burnett090see also 084
Frank Burnett103 
Frank Burnett111see also 110
Frank Burnett111see also 110
Evelyn Burns109see also 108
John Taylor Burris130 
Virgil D. Burris130 
Maxine Burton010 
Charles Butler130 
W.S. Cadman149 
Justine Carlier130 
Alfred Carrelli031 
Alfred Carrelli058 
Stanley 'Pete' Carroll031 
Stanley Carroll052 
Stanley Carroll060 
Cintrilla Carver130 
Charles Chackfield130 
William Chapman109see also 108
William Chapman129 
Paul Chapman130 
Louise Charlton074 
Louise Charlton119see also 118
Ruth Christie052 
Ruth Christy034 
Ruth Christy057 
? Clark082see also 078
? Clark089 
? Clemens088 
Paul Evans Coleman130 
Glenn Coleman130 
Elizabeth Collins130 
R.W. Colwell009 
? Colwell079see also 078
Robert Colwell092 
Mr. Colwell093see also 092
Kellison T. Condon130 
John G. Cook008 
Mr. Cook022 
John G. Cook123see also 122
J.G. Cook125see also 124
Kenneth Cordes032 
Kenneth Cordes052 
Kenneth Cordes056 
Alfred 'Ace' Corelli052 
Elmer Corey016 
Elmer Corey020 
Elmer Corey022 
Elmer Corey024 
Elizabeth Coughlen071see also 070
Elizabeth Coughlen103 
William Coughlen117see also 116
? Coughlin082see also 078
Elizabeth Coughlin125see also 124
Mildred Court130 
Martha Nell Cox130 
Virginia Craig129 
Jane Craig130 
Stanely Crane130 
? Crawford082see also 078
? Crawford083see also 084
Lillian Cromwell113see also 112
Kathryn Curl130 
Harold Cutter130 
? Daley083see also 084
? Daley087see also 084
? Daley088see also 084
John Daley090see also 084
? Daley091see also 084
Judge Darby107see also 106
Florence Darling130 
Mabel Davenport010 
Mabel Davenport011 
Mabel Davenport034 
Mabel 'Dark Eyes' Davenport052 
Mabel Davenport059 
Mabel Davenport125see also 124
Mabel Davenport133see also 132
Lucille Davis035 
Lucille Davis052 
Lucille Davis056 
Lucille Davis133see also 132
Charles Dawson032 
Charles Dawson052 
Charles Dawson056 
? Decker085 
Dorothy Deremo113see also 112
Harold Derfus033 
Harold Derfus052 
Harold Derfus059 
Harold Derfus129 
Dorothy Dermo129 
Thomas Devanney033 
Thomas Devanney052 
Thomas Devanney058 
? Devanney087 
Blanche Dickins130 
Mary F. Dieffenderfer130 
? Dimatteo087 
? Dimloze088 
Catherine Doll130 
Ella Dorfman098see also 096
Walter Dorfman103 
Ella Dorfman117see also 116
Eleanor Douglass010 
Eleanor Douglass011 
Eleanor Douglass035 
Eleanor Douglass052 
Eleanor Douglass058 
Jack Downing128 
Jack Downing130 
? Driver086 
? Druly088 
Vincent Duffy130 
W. Ross Dunn008 
W. Ross Dunn010 
W. Ross Dunn011 
? Dunn085 
Theodore Dunn130 
Harvey Dusterberg130 
Gladys Duval016 
Gladys Duvall014 
Gladys Duvall020 
Gladys Duvall022 
Gladys Duvall023 
Marion Dwyer117see also 116
Anna Dwyer130 
Alvirda Dwyer130 
Gilbert Dyer130 
Bennie Lee Easterling130 
Eddie Echmeyer081see also 078
Susan Eckel008 
Susan Eckel096 
Susan Eckel097see also 096
Susan Eckel099 
Frances L. Elberty075 
Mrs. Elberty137 
Marian Engelhart111see also 110
Norbert Eschmeyer130 
Helen Estep130 
John Euans034 
John Euans052 
John Euans121see also 120
John Euans123see also 122
Charles Evans130 
David K. Evans130 
David K. Evans Jr.130 
John Fairbanks034 
John 'Grandpa' Fairbanks052 
John Fairbanks058 
Elizabeth Key Fairweather005see also 004
Nellie H. Fairweather009 
Elizabeth Fairweather009 
Louis Fehr035 
Louis Fehr052 
Louise Fehr056 
Louis Fehr121see also 120
Louis Fehr123see also 122
Hazel Ferguson130 
Floyd Fife078 
? Fink083see also 084
? Fink085see also 084
R. Fink088see also 084
? Fink089see also 084
Bob Fink090see also 084
Mell Fink090see also 084
R. Fink091see also 084
Robert Fink128 
Ophelia Finster130 
Elizabeth First036 
Elizabeth Louise First052 
Bettie Lou First057 
Betty First119see also 118
Myra Lee Fish074 
Thomas Fisher035 
Thomas Fisher052 
Thomas Fisher057 
Thomas Fisher133see also 132
Floyd Fite082see also 078
? Flanagan088 
Julia Floto130 
? Flulf088 
Amy L. Foote113see also 112
Curry Ford103 
Dorothy Ford125see also 124
C.H. Fordyce008 
Clyde Fordyce078 
? Fordyce079see also 078
? Fordyce080see also 078
Clyde Fordyce094 
C.H. Fordyce099 
Hattie Frey130 
Reuben Frisch130 
Blanche Frisch130 
David Frisch130 
Jessie Fritch117see also 116
Jessie Fritch129 
Ethel Froehlich130 
Harry Fry130 
Edward Gabriel130 
Norman F. Gaetz073see also 072
? Gaetz081see also 078
Norman Gaetz081see also 078
Norman Gaetz128 
? Gauthier082see also 078
Evelyn Mae Geer130 
Elihu Geer130 
Ellamay Gentile109see also 108
? Gerard088see also 084
Dorothy Gerland117see also 116
Dorothy Gerland129 
Aaron Gerrard036 
Aaron 'Whitey' Gerrard052 
Aaron Gerrard057 
Aaron Gerrard083see also 084
Aaron Gerrard084see also 084
? Gerrard085see also 084
? Gerrard085see also 084
? Gerrard086see also 084
Whitey Gerrard087see also 084
Aaron Gerrard089see also 084
? Gerrard091see also 084
? Gerrard095see also 094
Aaron Gerrard099 
Aaron Gerrard099 
Aaron Gerrard128 
Werner Gholson130 
? Gilbert086 
? Gilbert089 
Dorothy Gillham130 
Alice Ginter059 
Alice 'Guinea' Gintner052 
Alice Gintner125see also 124
Alice Gitner036 
Kathryn Goehler037 
Kathryn Goehler052 
Kathryn Goehler057 
Kathrine Goehler111see also 110
Kathryn Goehler119see also 118
Josephine Goehler130 
Red Grange080see also 078
Thomas Hoppe Greiwe130 
Raymond Greiwe130 
Garnette Greuser038 
Garnette Greuser052 
J.R. Griffin074 
Mary Griffith125 
Clifford Grische130 
Garnette Grueser060 
Vera Grueser130 
Elizabeth Guckenberger037 
Elizabeth Guckenberger052 
Beth Guckenberger058 
Beth Guckenberger119see also 118
Beth Guckenberger161see also 136
William Haas036 
William Haas052 
Bill Haas056 
Marcella Hader130 
? Hale083see also 084
? Hale085see also 084
? Hale086see also 084
Kellen Hale090see also 084
? Hale091see also 084
? Hall083 
Mary Hamilton125see also 124
Esther Hamilton130 
Arlabelle Hamm130 
Richard Earl Haney130 
Earl H. Haney130 
Francis Hannaford130 
Margaret Hanshew130 
Kathryn Hardig129 
Helen Hardig130 
Claire Harkness130 
Richard Harney037 
Richard Harney052 
Dick Harney056 
Dick Harney060 
Richard Harney161see also 136
? Harold085 
Ruth Harrington130 
Floyd Harris111see also 110
Charles Harris119see also 118
Floyd Harris121see also 120
Floyd Harris123see also 122
Helen Hartman038 
Helen Hartman052 
Helen Hartman058 
Mr. Hartman107see also 106
Helen Hartman113see also 112
Clarence Hartman130 
Helen Hartman133see also 132
Phyllis Hauck008 
Roy Hauck016 
Roy 'Cook' Hauck020 
Roy Hauck022 
Roy Hauck023 
Julia Hauer014 
Julia Hauer017 
Julia 'Judy' Hauer020 
Julia Hauer022 
Julia Hauer023 
Janet Hauser128 
Janet Hausser014 
Janet Hausser016 
Janet 'Dutch' Hausser020 
Janet Hausser022 
Janet Hausser023 
Janet Hausser024 
Janet Hausser103see also 102
Janet Hausser119see also 118
Lawrence Hegenbarth107see also 106
George Heilman130 
Hilda Heineman097see also 096
Hilda Heineman098see also 096
Hilda Heineman099 
Hilda Heineman103 
Hilda Heineman119see also 118
Hilda Heineman125see also 124
Hilda Heineman128 
Jay Edward Heinemann130 
Ralph C. Heinemann130 
Hilda Heinneman111see also 110
? Heistand087 
Dorothy Ann Heitman130 
William Heitman130 
Emily Jane Heizer130 
Edith Heizer130 
John Z. Heizer130 
Ruth Hendricks125see also 124
Louise Henlein130 
Kathryn Hensing130 
Herman Hepp037 
Herman 'Hoim' Hepp052 
Herman Hepp056 
Herman Hepp080see also 078
'Hoim' Hepp080see also 078
? Hepp082see also 078
Herman Hepp128 
William Hepp130 
Herman Hepp133see also 132
Herman Hepp.078 
Marilyn Jean Herr130 
Ralph Herr130 
Willard Hessel107see also 106
Harold Hewitt130 
Clara Hilberg130 
Evelyn Hillebrand105see also 104
Elizabeth Hines130 
Henry L. Hodell038 
Henry Hodell052 
Henry Hodell057 
William Hoerr130 
Alice Hoffman063see also 062
? Hoffman083 
Ruth Hooke009 
Hermina Hoppe130 
Virginia Horstmeyer130 
Virginia Horstmeyer130 
Charles Howard038 
Charles Howard052 
Charles Howard058 
Charles 'Venus' Howard081see also 078
? Howard082see also 078
Charles Howard128 
Donald Howard130 
C.M. Howe007 
Mr. Howe105see also 104
Emily Huber130 
? Hueston095see also 094
Fre Hugenberg056 
? Hugenberg083see also 084
Fred Hugenberg133see also 132
Fred Hugenburg039 
? Hugenburg081see also 078
? Hugenburg082see also 078
? Hugenburg093see also 092
Dorothy Hugentobler074 
? Hugger087 
Mary Louise Hummel130 
Helen Hummer039 
Helen Hummer052 
Helen Hummer059 
Marshall Hunt071see also 070
Marshall Hunt119see also 118
Virginia Hunt130 
Roy Inskeep039 
Roy Inskeep052 
Roy Inskeep057 
Roy Inskeep107see also 106
Roy Inskeep119see also 118
Mildred Isler130 
C.C. Jackson008 
? Jackson086 
L. Jackson087 
J. Jackson087 
Isanora? Jacob008 
Miss Jacob022 
Miss Jacob103see also 102
Miss Jacob119see also 118
Donald Howard Jacob130 
Donald Jacob130 
Miss Jacob133see also 132
C.W. Johnson006 
Estelle Johnson130 
Glenn H. Johnson130 
Glenn Hayes Johnson Jr.130 
John Roy Johnston130 
Daniel Jones010 
Daniel Jones011 
Daniel Jones040 
Daniel Jones052 
Dan Jones058 
Elizabeth Jones074 
? Jones080see also 078
Dan Jones081see also 078
? Jones082see also 078
? Jones093see also 092
Winnie Jones097see also 096
Winnie Jones098see also 096
Dan Jones103see also 102
Daniel Jones107see also 106
Dan Jones128 
Dan Jones128 
Winifred Jones128 
Howell Jones130 
Dan Jones133see also 132
J. Albert Jones Photographer011 
Arthur Lindeman Jr.130 
Mildred Kahle130 
Martha Kail129 
Kathryn Kayser039 
Kathryn Kayser053 
Kathryn Kayser059 
Katherine Kayser161see also 136
Charlotte E. Kehm113see also 112
Charlotte Elizabeth Kehrn?009 
? Keller083see also 084
? Keller086see also 084
? Keller087see also 084
? Keller088see also 084
? Keller089see also 084
Bill Keller090see also 084
? Keller091see also 084
Helen Keller117see also 116
William Keller128 
Roberta Kelly067see also 066
Roberta Kelly125see also 124
Roberta Kelly129 
Dorothy Kelly130 
? Keppler082see also 078
Ruth Kernan119see also 118
Ruth Kernan125see also 124
? Kilhoffer088 
Barstow King130 
Elsie Kingery130 
Harold Kittel040 
Harold Kittel053 
Harold Kittel058 
? Kittel079see also 078
? Kittel080see also 078
Harold Kittel081see also 078
? Kittel082see also 078
Harold Kittel103see also 102
Harold Kittel128 
Harold Kittel128 
Robert Klein103 
Robert Klein107see also 106
Virginia Klotter014 
Virginia Klotter017 
Virginia 'Jinny' Klotter020 
Virginia Klotter022 
Virginia Klotter023 
Virginia Klotter024 
Charles O. Knowlton130 
Charles O. Knowlton Jr.130 
Selma Koerber130 
Ruth Kreig058 
Ruth Krieg040 
Ruth Krieg053 
Ruth Krieg129 
Rugh Krieg133see also 132
Edward J. Kroencke130 
B.H. Kroger082see also 078
Helen Lakeman103 
Gladys Lakeman109see also 108
Gladys Lakeman117see also 116
Robert Lamping130 
? Lang088 
Bill Lange014 
William Lange017 
William 'Bill' Lange020 
William Lange021 
Bill Lange022 
Bill Lange023 
William Lange083see also 084
Bill Lange085see also 084
? Lange085see also 084
? Lange086see also 084
Bill Lange089see also 084
Bill Lange090see also 084
? Lange091see also 084
William Lange103see also 102
William Lange128 
William Lange128 
Selma Langhout041 
Selma Langhout053 
Selma Langhout059 
Mary E. Lansdowne130 
Catharine Leahy040 
Catherine Leahy053 
Catharine Leahy059 
Catherine Leahy133see also 132
Mr. Lee107see also 106
Carl Lemcke130 
Eleanor Lemon130 
James B. Lepley009 
David Levin129 
Henry Levison130 
George Lewis130 
? Libbee087 
Keifer Lidell041 
J. Kiefer Lidell053 
Kiefer Lidell059 
Bess Liebel130 
Dan Lind074 
Dan Lind083see also 084
? Lind085see also 084
? Lind086see also 084
? Lind087see also 084
? Lind088see also 084
Dan Lind089see also 084
? Lind091see also 084
Dan Lind094 
Danny Lind095 
Dan Lind095see also 094
Daniel Lind128 
Cliff Lindeman090see also 084
Bernard LIndeman103 
Clifford Lindeman105see also 104
Bernard Lindeman109see also 108
Robert Lindeman109see also 108
Robert Lindeman121see also 120
Arthur Lindeman130 
? Lindemann082see also 078
? Linthicum089 
? Linthuum086 
Florence Lipman130 
? Little080see also 078
Mary Livingston130 
? Logan093see also 092
Charles Logan107see also 106
Edith Long117see also 116
Margaret Lord119see also 118
? Lucas088 
Marjorie Lumley130 
Frank MacNeil130 
Thomas MacNeil161see also 136
William Maitland130 
Philoman Lee Maly130 
M.T. Maly130 
? Manuels087 
Evelyn Marshall130 
Fred Martz041 
Fred 'Fritz' Martz053 
Fred Martz056 
? Martz085 
Charles Martz130 
Helen Maschmeyer129 
Cromer Mashburn099 
Elizabeth Mason130 
William Masterson111see also 110
Laura Matson130 
Virginia McBride010 
Virginia McBride011 
Virginia McBride042 
Virginia McBride053 
Virginia McBride056 
Virginia McBride096 
Virginia McBride098see also 096
Virginia McBride109see also 108
Virginia McBride125see also 124
Virginia McBride128 
Virginia McBride129 
Virginia McBride133see also 132
Virginia McBrode123see also 122
Clara McCracken130 
Ruth McFarlan130 
Warren W. McIntire130 
Warren W. McIntire, III130 
Thomas McNeil041 
Thomas McNeil053 
Thomas McNeil057 
Thomas McNeil133see also 132
Elizabeth Medert130 
Joe Meiser083see also 084
? Meiser085see also 084
? Meiser086see also 084
? Meiser087see also 084
? Meiser088see also 084
? Meiser089see also 084
Joe Meiser090see also 084
? Meiser091see also 084
? Meiser093see also 092
Joe Meiser128 
Richard Meserve042 
Richard Meserve053 
Richard Meserve054 
Richard Meserve057 
Dick Meserve081see also 078
? Meserve082see also 078
Richard Meserve128 
Margaret Metzger130 
Ed Meyer085 
Vic Meyers085 
Katherine Michaelis129 
Ruth Michaelis130 
Grace Miller008 
Cary Miller009 
Helen Miller042 
Helen Miller053 
Helen Miller058 
Mr. Miller083see also 084
C.S. Miller084see also 084
Mr. Miller085see also 084
? Miller085 
Coach Miller089see also 084
Cary S. Miller090see also 084
Cary S. Miller099 
Bernice Miller130 
Marcella Miller130 
Mary Lee Mills130 
Leslie Mills130 
Robert Mitchell042 
Robert 'Wess' Mitchell053 
Robert Mitchell055 
Bob Mitchell058 
? Mitchell080see also 078
Bob Mitchell081see also 078
? Mitchell082see also 078
Robert Mitchell083see also 084
? Mitchell085see also 084
? Mitchell086see also 084
'Wes' Mitchell090see also 084
? Mitchell091see also 084
Robert Mitchell128 
Robert Mitchell133see also 132
Paul Moak130 
Gladys Mofford043 
Gladys Mofford053 
Gladys Mofford058 
John Moore130 
Mary Sue Morgan130 
Harold Morgan130 
Cora Morton009 
Cora Morton010 
Reba Morton130 
Norma Moser130 
? Mounts085 
Aleck Mowatt043 
Alec Mowatt053 
Alec Mowatt054 
Alec Mowatt058 
Aleck Mowatt133see also 132
Ruby Muchmore119see also 118
Ruby Muchmore125see also 124
Irene Murphy043 
Irene Murphy053 
Irene Murphy060 
Robert Myers130 
Margaret Myers130 
Grace Nagel010 
Grace Nagel011 
Grace Nagel044 
Grace Nagel053 
Grace Nagel057 
Grace Nagel098see also 096
William Nagel103 
Grace Nagel125see also 124
Grace Nagel133see also 132
Ray Nasser130 
Curtis C. Nelson010 
Curtis Nelson011 
Curtis Nelson043 
Georgina 'Gena' Nelson044 
Curtis Nelson053 
Georgina Nelson053 
Curt Nelson057 
Georgina Nelson060 
Curtis Nelson084see also 084
Curtis Nelson090see also 084
? Nelson093see also 092
Curtis Nelson128 
Curtis Nelson133see also 132
Eugene W. Nickerson130 
Margaret North130 
Rhoda M. Ohara008 
Idamay Orr130 
Helen Orth117see also 116
Mary Oser121see also 120
Mary Oser123see also 122
Audrey Osterman130 
Chester Osterman130 
Gertrude Owen129 
Augusta Palmisano130 
Louise Paradise130 
Jack Parker109see also 108
Jack Parker109see also 108
Allen Pendery130 
Ruth Perkins074 
Ruth Perkins097see also 096
Ruth Perkins098see also 096
Ruth Perkins098see also 096
Ruth Perkins128 
Mary Perry130 
? Peterson086 
Grace Pfeifer045 
Grace 'Pinkie' Pfeifer053 
? Pfeifer057 
Louise Pfister098see also 096
Harold Phifer071see also 070
Harold Phifer129 
Dale Philips057 
Dale Phillips044 
Dale 'Flappit' Phillips053 
Helen Pickelheimer130 
Marilyn Elizabeth Pinger130 
Edgar Pinger130 
Lillian Pistor128 
Jeannette Pochat130 
Lillian Pohlman098see also 096
Lillian Pohlman128 
Marjorie Pope130 
? Porter082see also 078
? Porter083see also 084
W.T. Porter094 
? Powell086 
Ethel Price119see also 118
F.L. Prof???y008 
Rev. Francis C. Pryor155 
Nettie Quigley045 
Nettie 'Nattie Bess' Quigley053 
Nettie Quigley057 
Nettie Quigley113see also 112
Harry E.. Rabe010 
Harry E. Rabe011 
Harry Rabe045 
Harry 'Shorty' Rabe053 
? Rabe056 
Harry Rabe103see also 102
Harry Rabe109see also 108
Harry Rabe111see also 110
Harry Rabe128 
Harry Rabe129 
Harry Rabe161see also 136
Gilbert B. Radcliffe044 
Gilbert Radcliffe053 
? Radcliffe057 
Gilbert Radcliffe107see also 106
Gilbert Radcliffe133see also 132
Charles F. Ragsdale130 
Lucille Raidt103 
Lucille Raidt113see also 112
Gerrit Raidt130 
George Rattenbury014 
George Rattenbury017 
George 'Yachts' Rattenbury020 
George Rattenbury022 
George Rattenbury023 
? Ratterman087 
Harold Reed046 
Harold 'Shorty' Reed053 
Harold Reed056 
? Reilly087 
Mildred Rhoten130 
Florence Rickenbach130 
Mary Elizabeth Riley130 
Charles Riley130 
? Riling088 
Gurney Risk121see also 120
Gurney Risk123see also 122
? Rittner085 
Frances Ro???sky?008 
Cecil Roberts130 
James Robertson045 
James Robertson053 
James Robertson060 
Jimmy Robertson080see also 078
Jimmy Robertson082see also 078
James Robertson092 
? Robertson093see also 092
James Robertson111see also 110
James Robertson128 
james Robertson133see also 132
Ann Robinson130 
Dudley Robinson130 
Earl Rodefeld123see also 122
Harvey Rodger046 
Harvey Rodgers058 
Vesta Roehm129 
Harvey 'Ed' Rogers053 
? Rosenstiel095see also 094
Miriam Rothenberg130 
Nora Rudicil046 
Nora 'Node' Rudicil053 
Nora Rudicil060 
Arthur Morris Rummel050 
Gladys Rumpler130 
? Russell080see also 078
Tom 'Red' Russell081see also 078
Thomas Russell119see also 118
Thomas Russell128 
Pauline Rutledge130 
John Rye047 
John Rye053 
John Rye057 
Edith Sacstroh123see also 122
Bill Sage074 
Bill Sage119see also 118
Bill Sage123see also 122
Mary Salt117see also 116
Irma Sanderson130 
Vincent Joseph Sanzone130 
Joseph Sanzone130 
Miriam Sarles010 
Miriam Sarles011 
Miriam Sarles014 
Miriam Sarles018 
Miriam Sarles019 
Miriam 'Mermie' Sarles020 
Miriam Sarles022 
Miriam Sarles023 
Ruth Sarles130 
? Sauers086 
? Sauers089 
Louis Saur130 
Marie Scanlon130 
Fred Schad130 
Edward Schaefer109see also 108
? Schafield083 
Evelyn Schechter130 
Helen Schenck130 
Margaret Schiele130 
Fred Schlapp047 
Fred 'Froggy' Schlapp053 
Fred Schlapp059 
Fred Schlapp133see also 132
? Schmidt095see also 094
Florence Schmuelling014 
Florence Schmuelling018 
Florence 'Flossy' Schmuelling020 
Florence Schmuelling022 
Florence Schmuelling022 
Florence Schmuelling023 
Florence Schmuelling103see also 102
Florence Schmuelling128 
Carl Schmuelling130 
Bernie Schroeder093see also 092
? Schroeder155 
Ida Mae Schubert130 
Helen Schulte130 
Mildred Schulze129 
Mildred Schulze130 
William Schumacher130 
Elmer Schwaegerle130 
? Schwertman087 
Emily Scott130 
Willard Scott130 
William Sebel130 
Kathleen Sees046 
Kathleen Sees053 
Kathleen Sees060 
Kathleen Sees129 
Laura Seitz047 
Laura 'Lops' Seitz053 
Laura Seitz056 
Laura Seitz133see also 132
? Shaffer088 
? Shaw088 
John Shepherd130 
? Sheurnon088 
Eleanor Shick010 
Eleanor Shick011 
Eleanor Shick047 
Eleanor 'EBS' Shick053 
Eleanor Shick054 
Eleanor Shick058 
Eleanor Shick103see also 102
Eleanor Shick119see also 118
Eleanor Shick128 
Lycurgus Shields130 
Elizabeth Shillito069see also 068
Edith Shipley009 
Janet Shivler130 
? Short083 
Caroline Shurtz117see also 116
Cecil F. Siders009 
Jack Siegman071see also 070
Jack Siegman129 
Thurse Sigman130 
Roger Sleight010 
Roger Sleight011 
Roger Sleight028 
Roger Sleight048 
Roger Sleight053 
Roger Sleight056 
Roger Sleight083see also 084
? Sleight085see also 084
'Rog' Sleight086see also 084
? Sleight087see also 084
Roger Sleight090see also 084
? Sleight091see also 084
Roger Sleight103see also 102
Roger Sleight128 
Roger Sleight128 
Jack Small109see also 108
? Smith086 
? Sonnycalb082see also 078
Margaret Spangler129 
Alvie Spaulding130 
David C. Spraig130 
Lucile Stacey065see also 064
Robert William Stagman130 
William Stagman130 
Homer Stall129 
? Stamm082see also 078
? Stamm093see also 092
Grace Standley130 
? Steinheur083 
Michael Stewart130 
John H. Stewart130 
Arnelda Stiens048 
Arnelda 'Nellie' Stiens053 
Arnelda Stiens058 
Joe Stockwell092 
Joe Stockwell103 
Donald Stohlman018 
Donald 'Don' Stohlman020 
Roy Stoke010 
Roy Stoke011 
Roy Stoke048 
Roy Stoke056 
Roy Stoke081see also 078
? Stoke082see also 078
Roy Stoke103see also 102
Roy Stoke128 
Roy Stoke128 
Roy Stoke133see also 132
Le Roy Stokes053 
? Stone080see also 078
Dick Stone081see also 078
Rochard Stone128 
Lillian Stone130 
Allen Stone130 
Bessie Storms130 
Betty Streit130 
Walter Stuhlfarth103 
Irma Stuhlfauth117see also 116
Walter Stuhlfauth129 
Mary Sullivan129 
Julia Louise Suton?009 
Miss Sutor105see also 104
Miriam Sutton130 
Amanda Tassinger117see also 116
Hilda Taylor130 
Isabel Taylor130 
Dorothea Taylor130 
Melvin Teachout128 
Melvin Teachout130 
Norma Louise Telking?008 
Edward Tepe130 
Dr. William Oxley Thompson137 
Winfield Tice010 
Winfield Tice011 
Winfield Tice049 
Winfield 'Winnie' Tice053 
Winfield Tice059 
? Tice095see also 094
Miss Tielking117see also 116
Leonard H. Tinker008 
Mr. Tinker103see also 102
Mr. Tinker137 
Kathryn Townsley071see also 070
Kathryn Townsley098see also 096
Kathryn Townsley128 
Howard Townsley130 
Sidney Travers130 
Raymond W. Trinkler130 
Raymond W. Trinkler130 
Raymond W. Trinkler Jr.130 
? Troupe087 
? Turner088 
Robert W. Tusch130 
Malvin Uchtman130 
? Valentiner085 
David Valentiner130 
Jordan Van Arnam050 
Jordan Van Arnam053 
Jordan Van Arnam059 
? Van Arnam082see also 078
Kathryn Van Arsdel130 
Dorothy Vandament130 
Alice Venn009 
Harry Vernson130 
William Edward Voelkel130 
William Voelkel Jr.130 
Elsie Von Seggern130 
James Richard Wahl130 
Clifford Wahl130 
Verneasa Walker048 
Vaness Walker053 
Verneasa Walker060 
Milo Walton014 
Milo Walton018 
Milo 'Uncle Dudley' Walton020 
Milo Walton022 
Milo Walton024 
Mr. Warmoth105see also 104
Ray Warmoth?008 
William Warner130 
Dorothy Weedon130 
Gladys Weigel049 
Gladys 'Laa' Weigel053 
Gladys Weigel060 
? Weigel082see also 078
Gladys Weigel133see also 132
Paul Wentworth050 
Paul 'Wente' Wentworth053 
? Wentworth057 
? Wentworth080see also 078
? Wentworth081see also 078
? Wentworth082see also 078
? Wentworth083see also 084
Paul Wentworth085see also 084
? Wentworth086see also 084
? Wentworth087see also 084
? Wentworth088see also 084
Paul Wentworth089see also 084
? Wentworth091see also 084
Paul Wentworth128 
Paul Wentworth128 
Catherine Wentworth130 
Charles Wessel130 
? Westfall088 
Caroline Avery Whaley130 
Charles Whaley130 
Nancy Lee White130 
Lewis White130 
Carson Whiting071see also 070
William Whiting130 
Thomas Wiebell049 
Thomas Wiebell053 
Thomas Wiebell059 
Tom Wiebell081see also 078
? Wiebell082see also 078
? Wiebell093see also 092
Thomas Wiebell128 
Honora Williams109see also 108
Honora Williams111see also 110
Edna Williamson130 
Charles Wilson081see also 078
? Wilson082see also 078
Charles Wilson128 
Edward Wilson130 
Ida Mae Wise130 
Katherine Withrow130 
Allen Wittenberg130 
Anna Woodburn049 
Anna 'Abie' Woodburn053 
Anna Woodburn059 
Anna Woodburn161see also 136
? Woods088 
Charles Worcester081see also 078
? Worcester095see also 094
Charles Worcester128 
Helen Wurster050 
Helen 'Jerry' Wurster053 
Helen Wurster060 
Anna Wurster117see also 116
Helen Wurster119see also 118
Helen Wurster129 
Robert Yolton050 
Robert Yolton053 
Bob Yolton060 


**ad**Aaron Gerrard152
**ad**Abe Levin154
**ad**Alec Mowatt152
**ad**American Laundry Machinery Co.157
**ad**American Restaurant159
**ad**Art-Crafts Engraving Co.150
**ad**Arthur Schuck157
**ad**Baldwin Piano Co.159
**ad**Barnes & Leininger Real Estate and Insurance139
**ad**Bill Haas152
**ad**Bob Brown152
**ad**Bolles-Brendamour Co.163
**ad**Burtschy's Flowers139
**ad**C.H.M. Atkins140
**ad**C.W. Brown Jeweler & Optometrist160
**ad**Campbell Commercial School141
**ad**Charles Dawson152
**ad**Charles Howard152
**ad**Charles Weigel147
**ad**Chas. L. Hess146
**ad**Colter Company153
**ad**Corbett Floral Co.141
**ad**Curtis Nelson152
**ad**Dale Phillips152
**ad**Dan Jones152
**ad**Devere Electric Co.148
**ad**Dr. L.W. Stacey158
**ad**Dr. R. Sutton159
**ad**Ebbert & Richardson Printers150
**ad**Eugene Dietzgen Co.146
**ad**Evans Bros. Hardware147
**ad**F.A. Hucke153
**ad**Family Theater147
**ad**First National Bank140
**ad**Flinn's Tire Service147
**ad**Flotos Dry Goods and Furnishings160
**ad**Frank's Youngfello Shop154
**ad**Fred E. Hukill Jr.152
**ad**Fred Hugenberg152
**ad**French Bros. - Bauer Co.158
**ad**Frisch's Lunch Room154
**ad**G.W. Davenport141
**ad**Geo. Ganster Jeweler145
**ad**George Grad159
**ad**Gilbert Radcliffe152
**ad**Goldsmith's Department Stores161
**ad**H.C. Bolsinger145
**ad**Harry Geppert Barber145
**ad**Harry Rabe152
**ad**Hess Blue Print Co.146
**ad**Ivanhoe Fruit Market139
**ad**J. Albert Jones Photographer142
**ad**J.H. Windmeyer Tailor162
**ad**James Robertson152
**ad**Jno. J. Vogelpohl151
**ad**Joe Purpopora139
**ad**John E. Manthey158
**ad**Levin Furniture154
**ad**Louis Fehr152
**ad**Lowe & Campbell Athletic Goods148
**ad**Lt. Jas. R. Davidson Jr. ('21)147
**ad**Madison Theater147
**ad**Manthey & Reinhardt Realtors and Insurance158
**ad**Marie Curtis159
**ad**Metropolitan Confectionery Co.163
**ad**Miller Jewelry Co.156
**ad**Mrs. C. Corenthal159
**ad**Mrs. F. Thompson159
**ad**Mrs. Small152
**ad**Norwood Boot Shop157
**ad**Norwood Ice Cream Co.153
**ad**Norwood National Bank144
**ad**Norwood Paint & Hardware Co.162
**ad**Norwood Retail Merchants Assoc.162
**ad**Norwood Savings Bank161
**ad**Norwood Wall Paper Co.157
**ad**Park Theater147
**ad**Pounsford Stationary Co.154
**ad**R. Hoffman Meats145
**ad**R. Rees140
**ad**Richard Harney152
**ad**Richard Meserve152
**ad**Rogers' Tire Service141
**ad**Roy Stoke152
**ad**Roy's Service Station153
**ad**Serodino's Drugs145
**ad**South Norwood Pharmacy148
**ad**Sunshine Sweete Shoppe138
**ad**Sylvia Jane style Hat Shoppe159
**ad**The Maderight of Norwood163
**ad**Thee Paint & Glass153
**ad**Thomas Devanney152
**ad**Thomas Wiebell152
**ad**Thos. McEvilley140
**ad**Tip Top Cleaners156
**ad**Tommy Griffith Radio157
**ad**Vulcan Copper & Supply146
**ad**W.E. Thayer140
**ad**W.H. 'Bill' Peters156
**ad**W.O. Locke139
**ad**W.R. Griffin Real Estate & Building162
**ad**Wagner Service Co.156
**ad**Walter Grau159
**ad**Winfield Tice152
**ad**Wm. F. Reinhardt158

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