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   Scott Elementary School  




Welcome to the Scott Township School Class of 1954


September 1945. The war was over. The Republic aircraft factory quit turning out P-47's and would soon become a Whirlpool factory. Chrysler stopped building Sherman M-4 tanks and started assembling cars. LST's would no longer be seen parked along the Ohio River.

At Scott Township Grade School about 45 five and six year olds would come together for the first time. On that first day we would learn to read our first word - “Dick”. Soon after, we would learn to read “Jane” and “See Spot run.” Eight years later in May 1954 we would graduate. In those eight years an educational foundation was laid for careers in medicine, agriculture, education, manufacturing, mining, computers, military and most importantly, family rising.


We learned arithmetic through basic algebra. We learned geography and how borders changed as empires came and went. We learned music including some Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert. We even learned all verses of the National Anthem – spelling and punctuating the first verse correctly. We learned agriculture including the difference between a Jersey and a Hereford. We learned all this in eight years with one teacher per year, no aids and as many as 50 students.


We, the graduating class of 1954 dedicate this web site to our teachers and parents who guided us and helped us become, for some, the graduating classes of 1958 and 1962.